Food Services

Food Bank

Giving food to those in the community who need temporary and / or ongoing assistance with their grocery needs. Here you will find our volunteers packaging parcels to be given out to families and individuals in need.

Recognized by our parent organization Food Banks BC for setting a standard of excellence.


Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays & Fridays 9 am – 1 pm

Covid-19 Changes

Due to the pandemic our food hampers are pre-packaged to feed a two person family. As households change is occupancy number so to will the amount of pre-packaged food hampers a recipient will receive. All items are pre-packaged.

E.G. A family of 4 would receive 2 boxes of non-perishable, a bag of produce, meat, bakery and dairy if available.

One household is allowed into the welcome space at a time, no personal shopping bags are accepted.

No income sources are needed at this time.

Proof of residency is required.

Volunteers will be wearing masks and gloved for your protection and theirs.

Deliveries are available to those that are in quarantine. Please call 250.428.4107 or msg. on Facebook.


Qualifications to receive a food parcel:

Persons must be a resident of Creston or the surrounding area. Showing residence confirmation.

Personnel identification of all persons at residence via health care card, drivers lic. passport.

Also be prepared to provide proof of income source/s.

Please note: 2 visits per month allowed.

Food Mesh

FoodMesh was created in response to a desire to solve a global problem: Avoidable food waste and food insecurity.

The Creston Valley Gleaners Society partnered with FoodMesh and Save On Foods in May 2019. What this looks like is 7 days a week all perishable food is picked up from our local grocer and brought back to our facility to be weighed, sorted and disbursed to programs and food bank recipients.

Jul. 19 – 12,241 kgs perishable foods salvaged

20,402/600 gr. per meal created

30,377 of CO2 emissions saved

Gleaners & Friends

Gleaners acquires shipments of reclaimed goods from a private sector provider.  These include non-perishable food items as well as personal hygiene and household products.  Food items are first shared with the Food Bank and then with numerous other programs in our community.


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